U2 Invisible

I helped Marshmallow Laser Feast create some interactive visuals on a massive LED screen for a U2 music video that also got made into a superbowl advert, directed by Mark Romanek. We put firewire IR cameras on the stage so we could drive the particle systems in the visuals directly from the band. It was filmed at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica.

Inside Paul's Head

This is an installation that went in the Design Museum as part of a retrospective for fashion designer, Paul Smith. I was given photos that he took as inspiration and photos of the clothes they inspired. The brief was to make a room (3.5m cubed) that would leave you yearning for a paracetamol. We decided to mirror the walls, and were donated 22 HD screens by Sony.

Getty Video Wall

This was a project I did (as is this good?) in collaboration with The Light Surgeons for getty images. It was a 14 metre long wall of interactive screens installed at Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Marshmallow Laser Forest

I helped Marshmallow Laser Feast do a large interactive music/laser installation at the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven earlier this year. It consisted of a forest of rods that came out of the ground with lasers on top of them. If you tapped one of the rods it would make a sound and the laser would light up.

Brother Printer Orchestra

Last year, I formed a collective with Neil Mendoza, Chris Cairns and Mathew Holloway, called is this good?. Our first project (through Partizan) was this one: an advert for a printer company, that was basically a whole orchestra of old printers, scanners, fax machines, receipt printers etc, playing the Bob Dylan song, "the times they are achangin'".


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