Koala Sampler

music sampler app for iOS + Android

Gitex Dubai City Visualisation

Data-driven interactive LED wall installation

Gong Synth

Synthetic gong sounds in your browser (and elsewhere)

NSynth Super

Hardware synthesizer using a neural network to morph between instruments

U2 Invisible

Visuals for music video/superbowl ad

Inside Paul Smiths Head

Visual installation for Paul Smith retrospective at the Design Museum

Video Thesaurus

Interactive installation for Getty Images

O2 Butterflies

Mechatronic butterflies made of phones that you can call to interact with

Brother Printer Orchestra

Live orchestra made from old computer parts

Marshmallow Laser Forest

audio-visual interactive forest with lazzzoorrrz

You Naked – Jamie Lidell

Music video for Jamie Lidell using 3d projection mapping

Electricity Comes From Other Planets

Interactive projection mapped game

The Volcano

Yearly pyro experiments

Reactickles & Somantics

Interactive software designed with children on the autistic spectrum

Dewars Hub

Interactive installation at TED 2012 Conference

noisebox for raspberry pi

Synthesizer on Raspberry Pi

Last Will

A “Multiplatform Immersive Theatrical Experience”

Coke 24hr Music

Interactive ice-berg for 24 hour livestream with Maroon 5

Swarovski Refract

iPhone music/visuals toy for swarovski


Javascript Synthesizer that runs in the browser


mouth controlled synthesizer

Nokia Ovi Maps

interactive projection mapping project for Nokia


Multitouch + multiuser version of my iOS app, thump.


An app that lets you play with sound elastically

Indoor Snow

simple indoor installation for a family xmas

Multitouch Sphere

touch interaction system for spherical display

Physical Sequencer

Step sequencer controlled by proximity sensors

Capture AV

Audio-visual sampler


iPhone pocket groovebox app

DEZEEN Green Design Book Launch

Yet another multitouch table project in Flash

007 Multitouch at the BFI

A sci-fi interface that mimics the one in Quantum of Solace

Airside Multitouch Book Launch

A set of 3 multitouch games/toys for a book launch


A voice controlled musical instrument


Vertical gardening system


Amateur lutherie in the garage

Punchcard Phone

The anti-iPhone

Diamond Chair

(A chair shaped like a diamond)