Whilst visiting Mount Fuji, on a 3 month stint in Japan after 6 years in the computer industry, I slowly came to realize that one can not take over the World as a computer scientist or a musician, so I turned to the field of interaction design to try my luck.

I went to study an MA in Industrial Design Engineering, a joint course between The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, where I specialised in interaction and experience design.

After the course, I went freelance, designing and programming things from toy prototypes to video installations, user interfaces to CAD visualizations. I also did a 2 year stint as an interaction designer at Apple Inc, in Cupertino, in the prototyping team inside the Human Interface Devices group. Working across all of Apple’s products, inventing new ways of interacting with future Apple products, and experimenting with new technologies, both in software and hardware.

After returning to the UK, I started elf audio and launched a music sampling app called Koala, which has turned into a full-time job/labour of love. I finally feel like I’ve found my calling. Still open to freelance, but only if it’s exciting! 

Check my LinkedIn profile for an up-to-date CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mazbox/


Learning, the Future, science, nature, Japan, travelling, exploring, languages (in descending order of fluency: Polish, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish) science fiction, snowboarding, cave diving, cycling, lutherie and woodworking, painting and drawing, singing, playing guitar, bass and drums, writing and recording music, zymurgy.

There is a link to some of my older software here: https://www.mazbox.com/software/