what if every time you opened your mouth, a sound came out?

This was a project I did over a 24 hour period for “Music Hack Day” in London. It uses your webcam to look to see if your mouth is open and then plays a sound if it is. It won the Music Hack Day competition. I love one-liners.

  • Mac version
  • Sourcecode – mac only, for openframeworks 0061, also requires, ofxSimpleGuiToo and ofxMSAInteractiveObject

To get it to work you may have to press spacebar to enable the GUI, then adjust the threshold slider until it starts working.

Press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to try different sounds – I got a cat, a synth, birdsong and buddhist monks. Open the data/patches folder to reveal the pd patches that drive the audio.

It uses openframeworks, opencv and libzengarden for the audio – http://github.com/mhroth/ZenGarden

libzengarden is a complete re-write of puredata in C++ so you can integrate it into your own apps without the whole giant leviathan of Pd running in the background.