Coke 24hr Music

Earlier this year, I worked with Hellicar and Lewis to create an interactive experience for Maroon 5, the band, in the studio that allowed them to interact with fans Tweets in real time as they spent 24 hours writing a song. The whole event was streamed over the internet and had millions of viewers from all over the world. The project was a collaboration between H+L, Nexus Productions, Wieden+Kennedy, Frukt, and Lexus PR.

It was a projection mapping onto a low-poly iceberg shape that we had CNC cut. We used 2 projectors pointing into the structure, so I had to make some code to do polyonal projector blending.

I also developed some code to use a kinect pointing directly downwards from the ceiling in front of the iceberg that created a sort of 2d touchscreen infront of the iceberg with which the band could interact.

My role was to deal with the projection mapping part of the code and also to write the kinect code for the interaction, as well as bringing the whole system together in the end and be onsite, it was a long night! (although I sneakily went home for a short kip when it went quiet)

Other people working on the project:

Here’s the official coca-cola page of the project.