SampleToy is my new audio iPhone app. It’s a sampler that lets you capture sounds from the microphone or headset and play with it like an elastic band.

After I finished Thump, I wanted to make a simple small app and give it away. So I started playing around, with no particular direction, trying out different audio toy things in C++. During this exploration, I basically created the audio part of sampletoy, and decided it was really fun to capture sounds and then mess with them afterwards.

The DSP code, as usual, took less than a day to figure out, but the interface was considerably more time consuming (as with thump) I got a little carried away with some of the features, so it ended up taking more time than imagined, so now I have to charge for it (but not a lot!)

It’s really made me think about building an xml based GUI for openframeworks, one that you can absolutely position everything, that you can put nice pictures into etc.

Now, how to make an installation out of it!?