Inside Paul Smiths Head

This is an installation that went in the Design Museum as part of a retrospective for fashion designer, Paul Smith. I was given photos that he took as inspiration and photos of the clothes they inspired. The brief was to make a room (3.5m cubed) that would leave you yearning for a paracetamol. We decided to mirror the walls, and were donated 22 HD screens by Sony. Displayed on them are the photos, morphing into the designs, undulating in ribbons across the screens. The screens are arranged randomly around the room, acting as windows into the imagery.

It was done as “is this good?”

There were 6 mac minis each with a triplehead2go, so they could each drive up to 4 screens. I used openframeworks, along with the excellent ofxMostPixelsEver to sync all the screens together.

The project was commissioned by Aboud Creative and produced by Luis de Jorge Ladrero.