The Volcano

Every year I do an event where I invite all my friends to see a home-made pyrotechnics show synchronized to music. Normally I would use off-the-shelf fireworks wired to electric fuses, and then wire them to this box below, which is basically some midi controllable switches, so I can detonate the fireworks via Ableton Live

But last year, I just triggered them manually because it’s much more fun than a computer doing it for you, and much less of a problem if you get something wrong!

Also I made my own explosives for last year, something I don’t think I’ll do again, because it was just too scary heating up explosive chemicals on a gas hob. I would like to say which chemicals, but that’s not very responsible of me on the internet. They are easily legally purchasable in supermarkets and eBay.

It wasn’t that synchronized in the end because the different fireworks set eachother off before they were meant to go off, but no-one got burned or died.