My name is Marek Bereza. I’m currently working for Apple in Cupertino. Born in London, England. I’m an industrial/interaction designer, computer scientist and musician.

My interests in design relate to how we can make the future more tangible. I worry about how people experience my output, how they feel, the aftertaste it leaves.

Whilst visiting Mount Fuji, on a 3 month stint in Japan after 6 years in the computer industry, I slowly came to realize that one can not take over the World as a computer scientist or a musician, so I turned to the field of interaction design to try my luck.

I went to study an MA in Industrial Design Engineering, a joint course between The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, where I specialised in interaction and experience design.

Since finishing the course, I’ve been working freelance, designing and programming things from toy prototypes to video installations, user interfaces to CAD visualizations.

Almost everything I program, I program with openframeworks, a C++ toolkit for creative coding.