A simple music toy for your iPhone, where you can mess with a short sample you recorded in your microphone, old project, recently updated though.
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I made this app about 8 years ago, and then never really revisited it. Then the other day I read a review of it:

Ultimate sad face

Recently updated my iOS and this app no longer will work and I'm heartbroken over it !
I've always and often wondered if the developer passed away or had a horrible experience with this so much so that he walked away never to look back because it's rare to see an app ,especially one this brilliant , in the App Store that hasn't been looked at by the developer in 7 years

Anyways if you are still alive sir , I'd like to say thank you , it was a great app and I miss it so and I would pay whatever you wanted to have it in my life

If you are dead , please disregard this .

If you just hate the internet anymore , i couldn't blame you

...So I spent a week rewriting it almost totally from scratch, and then the same stanleylucas wrote this:

Oh my goodness thank you so much !!!!

I have had and used this app since my very first iPhone 4 in 2011 it has always been one of my favs and I can’t even tell you how many times I have referenced the fact that it never got an update , I was actually worried about the developer and thought perhaps he had passed away ...... I got an iPhone 8 Plus last month and was just devastated when it told me that this app would no longer even work at all on the new iOS

I almost considered downgrading everything just to be able to have it again
Imagine my sweet surprise right now when I just accidentally discovered you updated 5 Days ago !!!
Thank you thank you thank you and I’m so glad you are alive still !

Thanks for the encouragement!


Sampled sounds have become increasingly sterylized. This sampler intends to create rough and ready sample presets that are incredibly easy to make without being too precious about the recording process. It's very similar to a mellotron. Project page (old project)

Capture AV

Audio visual version of capture. Project page (old project)