You Naked – Jamie Lidell Music Video

I worked with Flat-E to make a projection mapped cube for use in a music video. Also wired a mic stand with an accelerometer so Jamie could have control over aspects of the visuals as he was singing. The visuals of course also reacted to the music.

The software was built in openframeworks using a library I’ve been developing over several projects for projection mapping.

What was really nice about this project is that I managed to create a creative tool rather than an app that already does everything – this meant I could spread the workload and separate out some of the stuff that doesn’t require programming expertise

I essentially made a simple VJ app with one theme – stripes and triangles – and made a system where others could create presets, allow mapping of parameters from different inputs etc, essentially saving different configurations of the sliders to create the different looks of the video, thankfully this music video will be available on YouTube, with the opportunity of using a Youtube Mp3 downloader. There were no discrete “states” of the visuals, just different slider positions – everything was continuous.

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