MZ-101 is a monophonic synthesizer, modeled on the old analog synthesizers of the 70's and 80's. Use the QWERTY keyboard to play notes too. Warning: this probably only works on the latest version of Google Chrome, on a fast computer. I tried it in firefox, and although it makes a sound, it doesn't really work. Please let me know if it starts working in firefox. It's DSP processing is quite rudimentary, but it's just a proof of concept at the moment.

Made using

I made a simple graphics library (see graphics.js) based on drawing to a canvas. Then I made a not so simple gui library (see gui.js) and a dsp library (see dsp.js) in javascript, using John Resig's simple but awesome "Simple Javascript Inheritance" script to help me work in an object oriented way in javascript.

I'd really like to develop some sort of synthesized drum machine next, when I find the time! Anyone up for doing the graphics? I'm sure there's a lot of optimizing that is possible in javascript, this project was more of a learning experience, much like THUMP was for learning iPhone/openFrameworks stuff.

Thanks to Pete Hellicar for graphics help

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