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Thump is the ultimate pocket groove box for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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The intuitive interface allows you to dive in straight away to make music in seconds, then explore the wide array of options and settings to tweak your sound to perfection. Ideal as a musical sketch pad or a live performance tool.

Create huge basslines or warped synth sounds with the two powerful polyphonic synthesizers onboard. Modeled on the classics, these synths offer a wide palette of sounds with its subtractive synthesis engine.

Choose from 9 studio-quality different drumkits, create your own or share and download more. The sample-accurate sequencing engine ensures your beats are as tight as mathematically possible!

Mix up your sound with multi-state filters, echo, distortion and lo-fi effects. Perform your compositions live by switch between different patterns you've created and using the onboard mixer.

Upload your songs to thump's website so you can share them with your friends


Sound samples coming soon! Meanwhile, you can download the Mac or Windows* version for free

* Windows version currently doesn't allow saving and loading songs. This feature will be added very soon. Also, you must press escape to quit


Here's a preliminary video manual to get you started:


Step Sequencer

  • 16 step sequencer with sample accurate timing.
  • Songs store up to 8 note sequences of up to 4 bars for each instrument.
  • Save and load songs so you can play back your creations at any time and refine them.
  • Share your songs with friends across the web


  • 2 synthesizers modeled on analog classics.
  • 3 voice polyphony for each synthesizer.
  • Synthesizers: 2 oscillators per voice, choose from saw, triangle and square.
  • Envelopes for both volume and filter.


  • Sample-based drum machine with 9 sounds at 16bit/44kHz.
  • 9 Included drumkits: Live Kit, Standard Kit, Techno, TR808, Trippy, Amen Brother, Bleep, Japanese Percussion, Electro
  • Unlimited polyphony and variable speed playback.
  • Download your own samples from your computer (WAV format) using free ThumpUploader software.


  • Volume and filters easily accessible from the main mixer page
  • Hi, Low and Band-Pass filters for each instrument
  • Digital Delay, Lo-Fi bitcrusher and distortion effects for each instrument

Thump Uploader

To download new drum sounds to your iPhone, you need this bit of software.

To create a new drum preset:

  1. You must create a folder in the "samples" folder of the ThumpUploader app.
  2. Give this folder the name of what you want to call the drumkit.
  3. In this folder you put your audio files.
  4. You must make sure they are "wav" format, mono, and 16 bit 44kHz samples.
  5. There must by 9 of them and they must be labeled 1.wav to 9.wav (case sensitive). If you don't do these things, it will not work!
  6. Start ThumpUploader and follow the instructions in there.


* Requires Java

© 2009 Marek Bereza