Swarovski Refract

This is a music iphone/ipad app I made with Multiadaptor and
Bobby Krlic for Swarovski. It's a program for creating audio-visual compositions.

Introducing... SampleToy

introducing... THUMP


One of the things I've been working on recently is a sequencer/synthesizer for the iPhone called THUMP.

"Thump is the ultimate pocket groove box for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The intuitive interface allows you to dive in straight away to make music in seconds, then explore the wide array of options and settings to tweak your sound to perfection. Ideal as a musical sketch pad or a live performance tool."

What I Done

In the last couple of months I've been working on a bunch of different projects:

  • Tutoring at the Royal College of Art on the IDE course
  • Working on the business side of my re:voice project - got through to the second round of the Design London Incubator
  • Multitouch table apps for a phone company - 2 video browsers and a map browser, all in Flash/AS3 - top secret
  • Putting the finishing touches of a site for Aldeburgh Music.

iPhone Audio Sequencer Prototype

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