What I Done

In the last couple of months I've been working on a bunch of different projects:

  • Tutoring at the Royal College of Art on the IDE course
  • Working on the business side of my re:voice project - got through to the second round of the Design London Incubator
  • Multitouch table apps for a phone company - 2 video browsers and a map browser, all in Flash/AS3 - top secret
  • Putting the finishing touches of a site for Aldeburgh Music.

007 Multitouch at the BFI

Another multitouch table for seeper. This time, it was installed at the British Film Institute for the opening of their James Bond/Albert Broccoli season.

Multitouch Toys for Airside Book Launch

The last few days I've been working on a set of software toys for seeper's new multitouch table, specifically for a book launch for airside. The book is a retrospective of the last 10 year of their work. It got great feedback.

There were 3 modes,

1. Cat mode where little cats crawl around in the grass and you have to hit them on the head to get points.

2. Physics simulation (pictured) of an artwork they had. You can throw around the various elements and spin them, crash them together etc.

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