Capture AV

What is it?

Capture AV is an audio visual sampler that samples from your webcam and default audio input. It's the big sister of Capture. You can control it with an audio/midi sequencer, and export your results to quicktime.

Download CaptureAV:

This version is super-early pre-release, please check back soon for more, or stick your name in the box below:

How to Use

The idea behind Capture is that you record sounds and video into individual notes on the keyboard. Capture has 2 modes: record and play. Use the space bar to toggle between these modes

When in record mode, each key on your keyboard (both MIDI and Qwerty) acts as a recording button. When you press it down, it starts recording. When you let go it stops recording. If you put Capture into play mode and press that key, the sound and video you just recorded will come out. In record mode, you can also enter auto-trigger mode. You can use the spacebar to toggle between record and playmodes. you can switch between normal recording mode and auto-trigger recording mode. In normal mode the program acts as stated above. In auto-trigger mode, you press and let go of the key you want to record onto, then it will start recording when it hears a sound, and stop when it hears a sound, and stop when the sound goes quiet again.

The audio files Capture loads and saves are Downloadable Sounds or Gigasampler formats which are compatible with most other software samplers too!

Export (mac only for now)

There are 3 buttons in the bottom left. "record" starts recording your performance, "stop" stops it, and "export" creates a file called in the same folder as CaptureAV and the audio as output.wav. The audio file is linked to the video file, so both files need to be in the same folder in order to play the video. I highly recommend that you open the video straight away and re-encode it in quicktime as an mp4 or something as the raw output makes very big files.

There's one small bug, which is at the beginning of the recording, all the notes fire at once, but you can just crop this off easily in quicktime or another video editing program.

Future Features

MIDI implementation

Capture AV can be triggered/controlled by MIDI on channel 1. I've only had success with Ableton Live, please let me know if you have success with other programs (I couldn't get Logic to work with it happily)

Just set your output device to be the IAC driver.

Note 0 - 97 - act like the keys on the qwerty keyboard
Note 98 - 105 - switch to different display mode

There are no midi keys for any of the other functions yet.



rev.4    Timing issues fixed, 10.4 support, GUI tweaks
rev.3    Quicktime export
rev.2    Ability to hide the menu
rev.1    Initial release
© 2010 Marek Bereza