Download Current version: rev.12/Win is here)

What is it?

Sampled sounds have become increasingly sterylized. This sampler intends to create rough and ready sample presets that are incredibly easy to make without being too precious about the recording process. It's very similar to a mellotron.

How to Use

The idea behind Capture is that you record sounds into individual notes on the keyboard. Capture has 2 modes: record and play.

When in record mode, each key on your keyboard (both MIDI and Qwerty) acts as a recording button. When you press it down, it starts recording. When you let go it stops recording. If you put Capture into play mode and press that key, the sound you just recorded will come out. In record mode, you can also enter auto-trigger mode. You can use the spacebar to toggle between record and play modes.

The files Capture loads and saves are Downloadable Sounds or Gigasampler formats which are compatible with most other software samplers too!



The license is GPL. If you'd like to give something back, I would very much like it if you could sent me a preset you've made under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license, so I can redistribute it on this site. Contact me here

* note: the Windows version is very, very alpha. It works on my Parallels (Mac Windows emulator) with en Evolution e-Keys 49 note midi keyboard. It crashes pretty hard occasionally. After that I don't know. Good luck!


Name Filesize Demo Download
Nylon String Guitar 3.43MB MP3 (1.65MB) download
Demo was William Byrde's Fantasia, midi file taken from (no credit given on site)
Plastic Toy Guitar 3.58MB MP3 (0.87MB) download
Made with a Japanese plastic guitar. The music is Vincente Emilio Sojo, "Danza Venezolana", transcribed to midi by Francoic Faucher, from
Guitar Harmonics 3.4MB MP3 (0.74MB) download
Marek's Voice 2.71MB MP3 (0.91MB) download
demo: Moonlight sonata, I had to transpose some stuff to get it to fit in the range of the preset.
Djembe 0.85MB download