You Naked - Jamie Lidell Music Video

I worked with Flat-E to make a projection mapped cube for use in a music video. Also wired a mic stand with an accelerometer so Jamie could have control over aspects of the visuals as he was singing. The visuals of course also reacted to the music.

Triptych for Intel

I worked with Hellicar & Lewis, Roxlu, and Will Gallia to create three interactive mirror-type installations, representing the concepts of design, performance and security. It was for intel, selling their new ultrabooks. Click through to see a video.

Electricity Comes From Other Planets

I did a projection mapping piece at La Gaite Lyrique in Paris, in collaboration with Fred Deakin, Nat Hunter (2 of the co-founders of Airside), and James Bulley (awesome sound artist)

Fred and James wrote a song that was designed to have 8 parts, then we designed 8 "planets", one for each part, which we had CNC'd, then I created some custom software (mostly based off previous projects) to project animations onto them.

The animation system was in realtime - ableton live piped out midi which went over the network, then I made a sort of pseudo-scripting language in C++ where I could trigger different effects on the inidividual faces of a planet depending on which note is played (with as few lines of code as possible!) Most of the work for this job was listening to the invidual parts and trying to make each planet 'dance' to the music.

To interact with each planet, you get closer or further away from it, and it influences the music. We used 2 kinects on the ceiling, and they seemed to work fine over 6 metres (no natural light though).

Hopefully will release the source code soon!

Dewars Hub at TED 2012

I worked with Hellicar and Lewis, Nexus Interactive and the extremely talented Roxlu on a project to visualize what was happening on twitter in realtime as the talks at TED were going on.

The users could interact with a cloud of tweets displayed on the screen by putting their hand in a well and stirring. They could reach down deep into the well to pick out subtopics to filter the twitter stream.

It's in openframeworks, and uses a kinect for the interaction. Most of the caustic visual effect is detailed in an earlier post here ("Poor Man's Caustics").

noisebox for raspberry pi

Today, my raspberry pi arrived. I couldn't help playing with it. Ended up using it to make a synth, a sort of clone of the monotron

If you have an akai LPD8 and a raspberry pi, have a go, here's the source.


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