Music is the universal language of expression.

However, playing a musical instrument requires practice and dexterity in order to be an enjoyable expressive outlet.

The most expressive musical instrument in existence is the human voice. re:voice is a musical instrument that the player plays with their voice. It analyses the pitch, tone and volume of the player's voice and re-interprets this, real-time, into musical sounds.


The City has no time for nature. Urban living means people have little outdoor space. We have created a solution that allows city dwellers to better use this limited space by growing their garden vertically.

Verticulture is a system of identical frames that can be stacked in different combinations to create a free-standing structure. Into this, modules are inserted, which can house plants, birds, butterflies and other forms of nature. It's designed to be easy to install and maintain. The integrated irrigation system ensures that the plants are kept perfectly watered.


Punchcard Phone

A Steampunk inspired user-centered mobile phone concept. To use the phone, a paper punchcard with binary encoded information must be inserted. The concept reflects the users' frustration with bloated interfaces, and the desire to be more in touch with the hardware. Winner of 'Most Mutated Design' in a competition sponsered by O2 communications.


Diamond Chair

A chair that becomes a private space, cradling its occupier. It was designed to be built from identical sections, meaning cheaper mass production. It was designed so that it could be built from identical sections that would be cheaper to manufacture in mass production. Plywood and pine construction with webbing and upholstered foam.


TK Maxx Shopping Trolley

A shopping trolley for the clothing store chain. The design allows the user to hang their clothes neatly, it has a smaller footprint than the current version and 2 layers of storage space for bulk items.


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